Beyond the videos in Kathy Day Bobb’s math class

Watching Khan Academy videos is anything but a passive activity for Kathy Day Bobb’s 5th grade students. What’s intriguing about how this elementary school teacher is integrating Khan Academy into her curriculum is that she doesn’t just ask students to watch a video at home. She has them reflect on what they learned by using a Google survey as homework where her 5th graders write about what the they learned in the video, any questions that arose while they watched at home, and how they would approach teaching the concept to their peers. 

Kathy takes this resource even further in her classroom, reviewing survey results with students to spark discussion and inform her lesson. Kathy provides additional clarity around the topic based on the students’ questions. She also asks students to identify what makes a good explanation - and to provide feedback on both her style, and Sal’s. This discussion encourages critical thinking about a lesson. Based on the lesson, Kathy empowers her students to then create their own Khan Academy style videos on their iPads. What better way to show that you understand a topic than to explain it to your peers?  

Check out this video from two 5th graders in Kathy’s class who explain a sample problem in their video “Beyond the Lesson: Algebraic Equations”image

Are you using KA videos in your school? Let’s us know how you’re integrating it into your interactive classroom!