Join our College Tutor Challenge!

This summer, Khan Academy is joining forces with Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society to help get students ready for the fall. The College Tutor Challenge offers prestigious awards to the best tutors in math.


Interested in sharing this information with students at your college? Follow this link to learn more about the competition and email with any questions about promoting the challenge at your college.

Just 15 minutes a day

Parent Jonathan Fague shares how 15 minutes a day has changed his outlook:

I have 4 kids 3yr, 12yr, 14yr & 17yr.  One thing I enjoy is helping and tutoring them in their school subjects.  However, I do not have a strong math foundation and as my kids has gotten older I found that I am no longer able to just pick up their text book and explain what they need to do. Many, many  times I’ve found that what I was trying to relay to my kids was completely wrong.  I want to increase my math knowledge because I enjoy being able to help my kids.  I decided to just try and spending 10-15 minutes a day on the Khan Academy site.  It’s now become something I enjoy doing as I wind down and I’m finding that 15 minutes just isn’t enough.  What I’d personally like to relay is just how valuable this is for parents like me that don’t have a strong math background but want to get better at it for our kids benefit. It’s not going to change my career but it’s helping me be a better parent and I really appreciate that.