Armory Track: Racing toward their goal

At the start of the year, Chris Vaios started an evening program with a group of NYC public high school students, who also happen to be stellar athletes. Recently, he shared an update with our team, and gave us permission to share with you! 

The students who attend the Armory Foundation’s programs are *exceptional* athletes - and they are dedicated and hard-working. However, this past Fall, they discovered that their SAT scores were suffering (averaging 350 out of 800). So, Chris proposed they team up two nights per week: Chris + Khan Academy + Armory Track students. So far, that equation seems to be working. Chris shares that he’s already starting to see improvement - with the current average up almost 50% to 524. The students are continuing to invest time and effort to get to their goal of 650-700. Not only that, it’s apparently a popular class, with the group growing from 42 to 54 students! Chris says that already “it has been a rewarding experience to say the least.” 

We wish these students all the best on getting to their goal! Keep up the hard work. 

The Armory Foundation is a nonprofit in New York City that oversees an indoor track and field center, as well as the US National Track and Field Hall of Fame, They operate a school activities center, providing college prep and academic counseling services to NYC public high school students from multiple districts, and offer a variety of community support programs. image

Spring into action: Testing season


Gear up for end of the year! We recently spoke with a handful of teachers about using Khan Academy to prepare for their upcoming standardized test (the California Standards Test - CST) that their students will be taking in the coming weeks.  They are looking to use KA to strengthen procedural fluency for students.  

The CST may be a state-based test, but every teacher faces the task of preparing their students for tests.  Khan Academy addresses the different needs of each student by filling individual learning gaps and encouraging mastery-based learning.   While test prep is a very specific purpose, it too can be personalized, mastery-based and interactive.  

We wanted to share the materials  from our recent discussion to spread the ideas and examples that teachers have put together.  Perhaps this sparks ideas on other ways to use KA with your students. 

Click here to check out the ideas on using KA to help with test prep.