New Common Core aligned resources

We’re excited to announce that Khan Academy is creating new content to rigorously and comprehensively cover the Common Core Math Standards, a set of K-12 math standards that most of the states in the US have adopted. Like the authors of the Common Core Standards, we believe that conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application are all critical and complementary components of an excellent math education.

As the Standards become more widely implemented, we want to make it easy for students, teachers, and parents to find the content they need on our site.

An up-to-date mapping of our content to the Common Core Standards is available here


Nice! What type of content are you creating?

For several years we’ve had math problems on our site that address many of the topics in the Common Core. These problems are grouped into problem sets, which we call exercises. Rather than simply retroactively map our existing exercises to the Standards, we’re proactively creating new math problems and modifying some of our existing content to rigorously and comprehensively cover the Standards. This is a significant effort, but a worthwhile one, as it will make our content much richer and will help students learn concepts more deeply.

Students always find out immediately if they answered a question correctly or incorrectly, and every question has a complete worked solution. Sal’s also making videos to show how to reason through and solve our new questions.

Our questions are computer-gradable, but they’re not just multiple choice; many questions ask students to write equations, create graphs, or fill in values on a table.

Can I see an example?

Yep! Here are a few examples of the thousands of questions that have been written based on the Common Core Standards:

Interpreting features of functions - Maps to Common Core Standard HSF-IF.B.4 


It’s one thing to know what an even function is. It’s even cooler to understand what it means in a real-world physics, statistics, or finance problem. Try your hand at it in our interpreting features of functions exercise.

Understanding place value - Maps to Common Core Standard 4.NBT.A.1


One of the many magical things about the base ten number system: you can write the same number in lots of different ways. We hear the kind of thinking students do in our understanding place value exercise may come in handy when subtraction with regrouping comes along…


Units - Maps to Common Core Standard 6.RP.A.3d


In our units problems, students use proportions to solve real-world unit conversion problems. Sometimes it’s a matter of life or death, as in the case of the squirrel in the question above

Like our existing math practice problems, these new practice problems are grouped into exercises (problem sets) and can be found on our knowledge map, in our tutorials, and by searching on our site.


Who’s creating this content?

We’ve brought on a team of experienced math teachers, tutors, and professors to write math problems that rigorously cover the Common Core Standards. In addition to drawing on their own experience teaching students, team members also regularly utilize other great resources on Common Core Standards, like sample problems from Illustrative Mathematics, Common Core progressions documents, and sample items from Smarter Balanced and PARCC, the main consortia developing Common Core assessments.

It’s important that our content is high-quality and always improving, so all questions are peer reviewed to ensure they address the relevant standards and are clearly written. We also seek input from several advisors and partner organizations that are well-versed in the Common Core Standards.

To ensure the quality of our content, we continuously refine our math problems based on feedback from students and teachers who use our site. We regularly run analytics to determine whether certain questions are too challenging or too simple, and modify our content accordingly. Since millions of problems are done on Khan Academy each week, we can gather significant data quickly and iterate rapidly.


Sounds cool, but I’m pretty sure Common Core has nothing to do with me.

Of course, we recognize many of our users are not affected by the Common Core. Many adults use our site to brush up on their math skills, and lots of folks use Khan Academy to study math that goes beyond the Common Core (lots of our content addresses concepts outside the scope of the Standards). Still others attend schools that don’t use the Standards or live outside the US. Even for those folks, the new content we’re creating will provide a richer, deeper learning experience on Khan Academy, and we truly believe this effort will benefit everyone who uses our site.


How do I find all this new content?

All of our Common Core content is integrated into our site and searchable by keywords and topic names like fractions, proportions, and functions. You don’t need to know anything at all about the Common Core Standards to find content on our site or to benefit from these new resources.

And though it goes without saying, we want to be super clear: Khan Academy has always been all about meeting people wherever they are, not about dictating what you can or can’t learn just based on your age. We’ll never restrict the content you can see based on what grade level you’re in or prevent you from exploring.

We’re excited to offer content that rigorously and comprehensively covers the Math Common Core Standards and that makes the quality of the content on our site better for everyone. This is still very much a work in progress, and we’d appreciate your feedback. You can suggest ideas for new content or share updates to our Common Core mapping here.