The new Khan Academy learning experience

Hello Khan Academy coaches!

For many months, educators have been asking for tools to make it easier to focus students on what they need to learn. We listened, tested, listened some more, and are excited to share with you a new homepage, tools to recommend content, and some other very cool features!

Introducing, the Learning Dashboard 


Each time you and your students log in, you will be welcomed to the learning dashboard, your personal homepage on Khan Academy. The dashboard ensures there is an easy way for your students to find the best next things to do on Khan Academy. It has a bunch of really cool features designed to help students learn math, and eventually other subjects.

Ready, set, go!

Getting your students started on Khan Academy is now much easier. After a student takes a short initial pretest, our system approximates what a student knows and where they should focus. Each student sees a personalized test as the system adjusts questions based on whether questions are answered correctly. Students benefit from getting credit for what they already know, and can start working on skills at their level more quickly. As a coach, you’ll more quickly identify your students’ learning needs. The pretest is an approximation, and recommendations get smarter as students complete more practice problems.

If your students are already on Khan Academy, they will still have the opportunity to take the pretest, and the system will take their prior work into account as it develops recommendations.

Personalized recommendations


Khan Academy makes personalized recommendations of skills to practice for each student. To be considered “practiced”, students will need to answer 5 questions in a row correctly. You might be thinking - “But what if I want my students do something different?”

Well, good thing you asked! You can also recommend content directly to your students!  Your prioritized recommendations will be shown first, and you can select whether students need to practice until they get 5 or 10 questions correct.   

Level up skills


In these challenges to “Level up your skills”, students get a chance to prove that they’ve retained what they’ve practiced. Students unlock more challenges as they practice new skills. Each day unlocks new chances for students to level up skills they practiced previously.

"Why the time delay? Why can’t they get new levels now?" you ask. Here’s the thing, evidence shows that proving what you know over time helps ensure students remember what they’ve learned.

Each question in a challenge focuses on a distinct skill that the student has already practiced. We ask students to prove they can answer questions in a context-switching mode to ensure they are not pattern matching, but are able to prove they learned the concept regardless of the types of problems that precede or follow it.

See progress at a glance


As students are leveling up their skills, they can track progress right on the dashboard. Points, badges, and skill levels are all visible and updated in realtime.

See exactly how your students are progressing!

We’ve updated all our data reports to reflect this new mastery system, so you can more quickly track how your students are learning. Watch for red colors to see struggling students that need your help immediately, and deeper shades of blue in the reports to indicate your students’ mastery of skills. We’ve also added new badges and updated the old ones to work with the new skill levels. Students can now earn bonus points for doing recommended skills and even more for leveling up their skills.



The entire KA team has been working around the clock over the last few months to bring this exciting new experience together. Although we’re just getting started with it, we’re thrilled to see how you all use it and to get your feedback. To get started with this experience, create an account on, or login!

For more details, check out the Coach Tour.

Thanks for your support and feedback!

The Khan Academy team