Veronica Gonzalez: College Hero

This week’s college hero not only enjoys learning on Khan Academy but also wants to bring the joy of learning to others. Veronica Gonzalez is planning to become a teacher and using our site to prepare. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Khan Academy.


Tell us about yourself

I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado at Boulder’s School of Arts and Sciences and School of Education. I am studying Elementary Education, with Spanish as my major and mathematics as my minor. My passion is to become a certified bilingual elementary or middle school teacher with a specialization in math, because language and mathematics are two fields that I feel are very important for society. I also love art and all kinds of music (My favorite band is Soda Stereo from Argentina!). I also enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones and friends.

How do you use Khan Academy?

I use KA mainly for mathematics, though I have used it for biology as well. I started using it in college because I remembered that the website was very useful to me while I was taking AP Calculus AB, and I enjoyed the teaching style that Sal had to offer. KA has ultimately helped me to understand math concepts better and, I would say, even to ace my most recent college math class, Calculus II. The dashboard and mastery challenges are also motivating and fun, which helps me to come back to the website more often.

How has Khan Academy helped you?

As a future educator, I have liked Khan Academy because first of all, Sal is an awesome and fun teacher. He is meticulous about the way he explains things (as well as the colors he uses to do so!), which is a quality that I hope to involve in my own teaching in the future. Secondly, he really knows and loves math, which has helped me to enjoy the subject more and to pursue it in both college and my career.

What words of wisdom would you share with others who are preparing for college?

I would tell them to put their time into studying, and to not be afraid to step into new subjects. Take those honors and AP classes, because they will be rewarding, and you will surprise yourself with the amount you can learn and do. I sure surprised myself, with my AP Language class, during which I wrote at least one paper per week (which is crazy for high school!), and with my AP Calc AB class because I ended up scoring a 5/5 on the AP test. Because of those two classes alone, I learned a ton, but I definitely had potential to grow even more during high school. Don’t be afraid to get into those classes, but also remember the importance of not overwhelming yourself, either!