Teacher Spotlight: Tal Sztainer

We wanted to share a story from Tal Sztainer on how Khan Academy helped him in his instruction of 9th and 12th graders in a school in Philadelphia.

Some of the main highlights about what it brought to my classroom were firstly differentiation—this was at the top what Khan Academy brought and what motivated me to implement technology and specifically Khan Academy in my classroom. The fact that I was able to reach higher-level students that were college-bound as well as lower-level students that were struggling with things like multiplication, addition, and subtraction—all within the classroom without having to create an abundance of resources which would have been very time-consuming for me. The second thing was the behavioral management—the difference between having Khan Academy in the classroom and not having it was really night and day. The kids would get engaged in topics appropriate for them and then act out less. The third thing it brought in to the classroom was how it allowed the students to really take ownership over their own learning…the students set goals for themselves and were able to very easily monitor their own progress while I was able to monitor their progress too. And they got very excited—there were points and badges and all the fun stuff that students enjoy!”

- Tal Sztainer, Philadelphia

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