Peter Wang: College Hero

Today’s college hero is Peter Wang, a junior at Stanford in Chemical Engineering. He’s a super resilient student who used KA so that he could take classes that weren’t offered at his high school, studying them independently in his own time and testing out of them.

Here’s a few snippets to summarize his experiences with KA from a message he shared with us on our Facebook.

Peter WangSelf studied quite a few AP tests through Khan Academy including physics B and C, as well as a general aid through my other AP classes. My HS had limited spot for certain AP classes or simply didn’t offer them outright.. they refused to allow me into any of the classes due to budget.. So I just used KA to self study. 

Absolutely love KA, definitely played a huge part on getting me where I’m today. Coming from a single parent, first generation, immigrant background, KA was an easily accessible free resource that really helped out when I didn’t have access to too many other resources..

He was also featured recently in a story about KA on CBS!  Check out his interview:

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