Just 15 minutes a day

Parent Jonathan Fague shares how 15 minutes a day has changed his outlook:

I have 4 kids 3yr, 12yr, 14yr & 17yr.  One thing I enjoy is helping and tutoring them in their school subjects.  However, I do not have a strong math foundation and as my kids has gotten older I found that I am no longer able to just pick up their text book and explain what they need to do. Many, many  times I’ve found that what I was trying to relay to my kids was completely wrong.  I want to increase my math knowledge because I enjoy being able to help my kids.  I decided to just try and spending 10-15 minutes a day on the Khan Academy site.  It’s now become something I enjoy doing as I wind down and I’m finding that 15 minutes just isn’t enough.  What I’d personally like to relay is just how valuable this is for parents like me that don’t have a strong math background but want to get better at it for our kids benefit. It’s not going to change my career but it’s helping me be a better parent and I really appreciate that.

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