My top 3 classroom hacks

Hello Khan Academy Teachers!

I’m Suney Park, Khan Academy’s Teacher-in-Residence and 6th grade teacher at Eastside College Prep.

As summer ends every year, I always think about one change or ‘hack’ I can make to my classroom. This summer I compiled a list of the great hacks I heard from Khan Academy educators - can you add your favorites to this too?

My top three hacks:

1. Classroom Scavenger Hunt. Host a hunt at the beginning of the year to help students become familiar with the classroom and where all the supplies are. You could also try a virtual scavenger hunt on Khan Academy’s site to help students discover all of its cool features. I did this last year and my kids discovered new things on the site that I didn’t even know existed! To see my Scavenger Hunt, visit this page and scroll to the bottom on “Introducing KA to your students”.

2. Need help/can help board. A place where students can write their name and the concept they would like help with. Other students can write their name next to someone they are capable of helping. Perfect for Khan Academy, but useful for any activity, the board builds a strong community environment in the classroom. See a picture of this board on Facebook.

3. 30min peer tutoring role play. Ask students to role-play a good example and a bad example of peer tutoring. Then as a class, write down all the qualities of a good peer tutor, e.g. they ask me questions instead of telling me the answer, they are patient, etc. This worked great when using a Need Help/Can Help Board.

What’s the one thing you’re changing in your classroom this coming year? Share it on our Facebook wall and see what other Khan Academy teachers are sharing!

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